SINGLE 1: Sick of This Shit

Cause of Accident has been absolutely disgusted by what it’s seen happening in this country over the last few years. It has become increasingly apparent that those in power have singularly failed to represent the people; they represent only themselves, the interests of those who fund them and the outmoded ideologies underpinning their empty rhetoric. We’ve raised our voices time and again in opposition to the dismantling of the NHS, the ruination of social welfare, the ongoing marketisation of Higher Education and the widening gap between rich and poor. But they clearly don’t give anything even approaching the vaguest fuck.

Cause of Accident is sick to the back teeth of feeling powerless, but know all too well that – alone – this is ultimately what we are. We are but one voice in a sociocultural landscape so densely populated that it often feels impossible to make ourselves heard above the noise.

With this in mind, we have done the only thing available to us: written and recorded a song which outlines exactly how we feel. It’s not big, it’s not clever, and it doesn’t sound remotely like any of our other recordings. It is, in fact, just a lot of shouting and swearing – a torrent of sound and fury perhaps signifying absolutely nothing, depending on your own political persuasions. But we feel that it gets the job done with a minimum of fuss, while hopefully articulating what a great many other people are thinking right now.

It remains surprising to us that punk rock has not yet raised its ugly head in defiance to the actions of the Conservative Party in government over the last four years – not least the fact that few bands seem to have publicly broadcast a statement so primitive and blunt. So that’s what we’ve gone and done – partly as civic duty, partly from utter despair, and party in tribute to all the great punk bands and thinkers we consider our own formative influences. Consider it our scream into the abyss right from the heart of Nowheresville, UK.

We’re sick of this shit, every last fucking bit. Who among you is sick of it too? If your hand or eyebrows are raised right now, please VOTE on May 7th. Just make sure it’s not for the fucking Tories. Or UKIP. Or the fucking BNP.

If actions speak louder than words, we want to be the most deafening voice you’ve heard. 

This single will be available for purchase from Monday 27th April. All profits from its sale will go to The Trussell Trust (, helping to provide emergency food and support for people in crisis.


Single produced, recorded and mixed by Tim Reid at Grapevine Studios.

Mastered by Dan Coutant at Sun Room Audio, NY.