SINGLE 11: Boris Johnson

Download released 21st October 2019 (pre-order available from 14th October) – all proceeds benefit UK foodbank charity The Trussell Trust.

Produced, recorded and mixed by Chris Carter, with additional recording by Tim Reid.

Original song and lyrics written by Chris Goodwin. 2019 arrangement and lyrics by Chris Carter.


“Alas, I cannot lay claim to have written the absolutely magnificent tune which underpins this latest musical affront. That honour goes to a now-defunct band from Stoke-on-Trent called The Liability Crisis, which my brother played in briefly during the late-90s.

Originally named Lifeblind, the band made its live debut in 1999 supporting UK metal bruisers Charger at The Rigger in Newcastle-Under-Lyme, and went on to play just 3 more gigs in their short lifetime. Though I never actually got to see them in person, my brother did have a VHS copy of that first show, and one song in particular always stuck with me: a 2½ minute punk ripper called ‘Ian Thomas’.

Named after some wag the band’s singer used to work with (and who claimed, perhaps improbably, to have been the guy who killed Princess Diana), for years the only version I had of this song was a bad MP3 recorded direct from that shaky camcorder footage. It always struck me as kind of a travesty that this über-catchy four-chord wonder never received the attention it deserves. For my money, the mark of a truly great pop song is surely one which was performed live only a handful of times some twenty years ago, yet still manages to remain stuck in my head two decades later.

Footage of the band performing it in its original incarnation still survives on Youtube, and can be seen
here. I’d like to thank the writer of the original song – Lifeblind and The Liability Crisis frontman Chris Goodwin – together with the other members of both bands (Martyn Stanley, JoCA, Dave Stubbs, Daniel Lowndes, Nathan Goodwin and Mark Clay) for lending us their glorious tune.”

– C.C.

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