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Cause of Accident is a completely independent entity. We do not, at present, have a record label or publishing deal to help support us financially. There is little-to-no funding available to release our records on physical media. We do not tour. Each album is paid for out of our own pockets and recorded in our own time. Tim runs his studio for a living. Chris works a day-job. We are completely autonomous, self-sufficient and self-sustaining.

Cause of Accident are music-buyers. We are hoarders. We are absolute suckers for building a collection, having grown up in a now-bygone era when you had to somehow obtain a physical copy of an album in order to hear it. In fact, we rather miss the thrill of saving up and wandering into town on the day of a record’s release, salivating with delight at the prospect of hearing a new LP after months of anticipation and build-up… but that’s a different story.

We appreciate, however, that the above criteria may not apply to you, and that to ignore this simple fact would be hopelessly naive. We accept that the rules of the game have changed, and that the concept of music ownership is now a thing of the past. We recognise that you may not pay for the music you listen to, and that this can often be justified by its situation within a much wider framework. Frankly, we don’t feel an ounce of pity for an industry which got shit-rich flogging Phil Collins or Robson & Jerome albums either – much less one which persists in repeatedly sticking it to the very people whose goodwill they should be actively courting by issuing “bonus expanded versions” of new albums just months after their initial release. Equally, the next member of Radiohead to gob off on this issue from their privileged position in one of the world’s most established bands deserves to get chinned.

Cause of Accident do it for the love, not the money. These songs were written and recorded because there was no other choice. We want people to hear our work, and we put it out into the world in the hope that it finds a home in your heart, mind or soul. We hope that it moves you in the way our own favourite records move us, or at least that you get as much enjoyment from listening to it as we did recording it.

Cause of Accident also recognise that, for many, art of any kind is mere entertainment. It is a frippery, a distraction, an escape: an addendum to the monotony of daily life. Most people don’t get paid to do something they enjoy, so why should anyone else? However, we ask you to consider the following hypothetical scenario: you attend work each day for a month, before being visited by your boss. Slapping you heartily on the back, he informs you that – despite he and others having enjoyed and benefited from the fruits of your labour – you won’t be remunerated for your time and effort. “Why not?”, you enquire, understandably somewhat peeved and already looking up the number of your local Citizens Advice Bureau. “Because that’s just not the way we do things”, he replies. “And besides – you had fun doing it, and probably have enough money already. Buh-bye!”

Without your financial support or assistance, Cause of Accident are unable to continue making records at anything other than the limited pace, schedule or means available to us.

With all these contradictory statements, ideals and positions firmly in mind, we therefore offer incentivised purchases for singles and an ‘honesty-box’ policy for albums.

We will always seek to add value to purchases made directly from the CAUSE OF ACCIDENT BANDCAMP PAGE. For singles, this will be in the form of an additional free track – thus doubling your investment while ensuring that we get the largest cut of the proceeds.

For album purchases, we ask that you pay what you can above a nominal fee of £5. For those who download the album via Bandcamp, we will again add value to your purchase by including exclusive bonus tracks and content. If we were to sell 750 copies of each album at £5 each, we would be able to break even and recoup the recording/mastering costs of each record. If we were to exceed this amount either numerically or monetarily, it would enable us to start moving forward towards a model by which maybe – just maybe – we could get by without having to work additional jobs.

You are, of course, able to listen to that motherfucker for free to your heart’s content on Spotify and Bandcamp, while all releases will also be available for the regular price via dodgy tax-cheating services such as iTunes and Amazon MP3 (the dirty bastards).

Cause of Accident reiterate that, while our motivations have never been driven by financial gain, our ultimate goal is to provide ourselves with a sustainable means of continuing our creative endeavours. If you like what we do, we sincerely hope that you enjoy it, regardless of your desire – or ability – to pay for it. If, however, you share our values and wish to hear more from us in the future, we ask you to contribute where you can.

Cause of Accident thanks you for your time.


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